Ministry Package for CHURCHES

Ministry Package provides 22 Bible Studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons along with over 500 devotions for all members at one low price.

Ministry Package for SMALL GROUPS

Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons and over 500 devotions for all members at one price. 


Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons at one price.

Testimonies of Users Sharing Growing in Christ Bible Studies with Others

  • Thank you for sending the Growing in Christ Devotion.  My brother and his wife have really benefited from "Dealing with Grief".  They lost their 22 year old son and are struggling to carry on.
  • Will you send me the "Marriage" study so I can share it with my friend who just got married.  She asked if I knew of any study and then I got your devotion email.  Could I also get the study on grief for some friends who are grieving.  I thought it would help me be there for them.  Thanks for sending them! 
  • I’d like to start with the "Marriage" study.  I can’t wait to work through all of these!  I hope its okay, but I forwarded this on to the girls in my bible study group in hopes to get them involved. 
  • Thank you for sending out this weekly bread.  Not only is it an encouragement too me, it is also allowing me to build a great tool shed for growing in Christ for future disciplesMy friend, who I disciple and I finished the first lesson, Erosion, in the "Marriage" study.  I would like to get the second lesson.  
  • Would you send me the "Discipleship" and "Your Life in Christ" studies?  I want to use them with our high school kids.  Blessings!
  • My friend has requested your "Grief" study. 
  • I would love to get the "Marriage study from you.  My friend is interested in making his marriage better, and has a desire to do a bible study with me.
  • Please email "Heart of a disciple" study.  I was recently introduced to your web-site by a fraternity brother at Texas Tech in the 60's.  Blessings
  • Would you send me the "Discipleship" series?  The lessons sound great, and I've been looking for some material for my small girls group.  If you could email that to me that would be great!  Thank you!
  • Thank you so much for sending me these studies.  My fiancee and I are actually going to be working full time for a college ministry called Student Mobilization. Thank you for sending me these materials, they will be helpful in our future marriage, as well as a good resource to use in impacting students for Christ on campus.
  • I received some of your devotionals from a friend of mine.  I was wondering if you can send me the "Grief" study.  My husband has a patient that just lost her baby.  She doesn't know Jesus...YET, and she's in big need of encouragement and love. I would love to share with her this "Grief" study.