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Terms & Conditions:  Confidentiality Agreement

    Thank you for your purchase of Growing in Christ.  We are praying that God uses Growing in Christ to not only grow your employees and participants in their relationships with Christ, but also to help them in traversing situations in life.  

     All materials in Growing in Christ are copyrighted.  The "Ministry Package for Christian Ministries" is limited to the use of Christian ministries that support, services, and ministers to a specific focus area.  Your purchase of Growing in Christ grants you the permission to use, copy, e-mail, and distribute individual lessons of Bible studies to employees and participants of your ministry.  The distribution of these materials is strictly limited to the internal use of your management, employees, and participants.  Your purchase allows you to have two users (two access keys to access your account on the website) in your ministry who e-mail and copy individual lessons of a study for your employees and participants.  Authorized individuals who have access keys to the Growing in Christ website are restricted from sharing their access keys with other people.  In the event you want to change who is assigned an access key, you must discontinue the current user's access key and re-assign a new key to the new user.
   You are restricted from distributing any Growing in Christ complete Bible study (all the lessons of a Bible study) at one time and the complete set of Growing in Christ materials.  This includes making copies, selling, e-mailing, or in any fashion reproducing the complete set of Growing in Christ materials or a complete Bible Study for any person, church, and other organizations.  The only exception would be for complete Bible studies that are used internally for a small group of employees and participants.  Growing in Christ is a ministry program for your employees and participants.  Other organizations and individuals desiring these resources should contact Growing in Christ Ministries for their purchase of Growing in Christ.  You are restricted from posting Growing in Christ materials on any website.
   Growing in Christ Ministries grants liberal internal use of its materials for Christian ministries who purchase Growing in Christ.  Ministries with multiple locations must purchase Growing in Christ separately for each location.  We rely on your honesty and integrity in using these resources within the scope authorized by Growing in Christ Ministries and the guidelines set forth in this document.

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