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Satisfaction - “Through the Eye of the Needle” is a powerful study to transform your Christian life from one of impotency to the power of Christ living in you. You will learn a fresh truth on how to find satisfaction and power in your faith. You will journey from where you are to making your God bigger. Straightforward truths will challenge your faith, so that you position your life to deal with what is blocking God, so you are ready to go through the eye of the needle with heart, will, and determination. Jesus died for you, so you could experience His love, power, and purpose. God wants to do this not as a slave, but as His child. A child of the King who has imparted the whole estate of His inheritance.

"SATISFACTION" contains the following lessons:

  • Thredding the Needle
    Lesson 1, “Through the Eye of the Needle,” lays the foundation for this study bridging the gulf between the promised abundant life and your life in the flesh. You were saved to be an ambassador of Christ who experiences and reflects God’s glory.
  • Where Am I
    Lesson 2, “Where am I,” deals with Christians who live in spiritual poverty instead of experiencing the fullness of Christ. This lesson will help you diagnose who your God is by identifying any corrupted beliefs you might have. Taking on a Biblical view of God will free you to live in the power and reality of God.
  • Making Your God Bigger
    Lesson 3, “Making Your God Bigger,” will help you see why your God is eternally capable of doing what He says. Your ability to experience more of God will exponentially grow with the size of your God. This lesson will give nine ways to help God grow in your life.
  • Positioning For the Eye of the Needle
    Lesson 4, “Positioning for the Eye of the Needle,” gives you 12 positions for going through the eye of the needle. These positions are learned from Jesus, David, John the Baptist, and Paul. They are consistently taught and demonstrated throughout the Bible, but frequently missed by the believer.
  • What is Blocking Me
    Lesson 5, “What is Blocking Me,” will help you identify specific areas of your life where you have chosen unrighteousness over righteousness – the world over Jesus – your desires over God’s desires – your friends over Jesus, your possessions over the most valuable possession you could have – a relationship with Jesus. You cannot go through the eye of the needle when your life is consumed with things that come before Jesus.
  • Going Through the Eye of the Needle With Heart
    Lesson 6, “Going Through the Eye of the Needle With Heart,” will help take you to a place where your heart and spirit are broken for God, so that nothing else comes before Him. This lesson will help cultivate a heart that is ready to go through the eye of the needle.
  • Having the Will to Go Through the Eye of the Needle
    Lesson 7, “Having the Will to Go Through the Eye of the Needle,” will give you nine ways to prepare your will for going through the eye of the needle. You can have the heart for going through the eye of the needle, but do you have the will?
  • Stepping Through the Eye of the Needle
    Lesson 8, “Stepping Through the Eye of the Needle,” will help you discern the potential actions necessary for going through the eye of the needle.
  • On the Other Side of the Needle
    esson 9, “On the Other Side of the Needle,” allows you to see your position and inheritance in Christ, while getting of glimpse of what you will possess. Your God will become bigger allowing you to experience more of the living Christ in You!

Answers to Lessons

Each lesson is provided in a dual format.  The first lesson includes the Scriptures and questions, while the second provides Scriptures, questions, and answers.  It is recommended that, once the study is completed, you go back through the study using the lesson that includes answers.  Go through the lesson with answers not as a routine exercise, but ask the Holy Spirit to impress upon you what you should apply to your life.  Make your applications specific and accountable instead of merely desires with no accountability to implement.
If you are doing the lesson with another person, you should complete the lesson without looking at the answers.  Allow God to speak to you in the lesson.  God can always impress upon you new truth or conviction where you fall short - no matter how familiar you are with a topic.

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