DISCIPLESHIP - ONE-ON-ONE Pricing and order information 

"Discipleship - One-on-One" is a seven lesson study on how to do one-on-one discipleship.  This study provides a strong motivation for one-on-one discipleship.  This study outlines the four legs to a one-on-one discipling relationship.  Each leg is supported with a Bible study to not only support that leg of discipleship, but to also help each participant grow spiritually.  
The mechanics of one-on-one discipleship are thoroughly covered making it easy for any two people to enter into a discipling relationship.  Each step is outlined and thoroughly described, so you are equipped for successfully discipling another person. 

"DISCIPLESHIP - ONE-ON-ONE" contains the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1 - One-on-One Discipleship
    Lesson 1 provides the foundation for one-on-one discipleship. There are eight transformational reasons for doing one-on-one discipleship.
  • Lesson 2 - Purpose of One-on-One Discipleship
    Lesson 2 will teach you the seven purposes of one-on-one discipleship.  You will also learn the four stages of discipleship.  This lesson ends by teaching the impact that one-on-one discipleship can have on your legacy as a Christian.
  • Lesson 3 - Why Disciple
        Lesson 3 will teach you the benefits of one-on-one discipleship.  These benefits will show the important part that one-on-one discipleship plays in helping you grow in your relationship with Christ.  You will also learn your kingdom purpose.
  • Lesson 4 - Mechanics of One-on-One Discipleship
        Lesson 4 will teach you how to do one-on-one discipleship.  You will learn what is needed in both the discipler and the disciple.  All the components of one-on-one discipleship will be laid out, so you will know exactly how to disciple. 
  • Lesson 5 - Cultivating a Relationship With Christ
        Lesson 5 will teach you how develop intimacy with Christ.  It is out of your intimacy with Christ that every aspect of your Christian life will flow.  Your spiritual growth, ministry, and ability to experience Christ will be directly impacted by your intimacy with Christ.  You will also learn the six hindrances to intimacy with Christ as well as how to have a quiet time with God.
  • Lesson 6 - Memorizing Scripture
       Lesson 6 will not only help create a desire to memorize Scripture, but also help you understand the importance of memorizing Scripture.  You will learn how to memorize Scripture, create a system of review, and do it in a way that promotes growth and intimacy with Christ.
  • Lesson 7 - Accountability
    Lesson 7 completes the fourth leg of the discipleship chair.  It teaches the importance and benefits of accountability.  You will be given a detailed description of how to do quality accountability.  This thorough teaching on accountability covers all aspects of accountability including what it is not and the proper attitude for effective accountability.

Answers to Lessons

Each lesson is provided in a dual format.  The first lesson includes the Scriptures and questions, while the second provides Scriptures, questions, and answers.  It is recommended that, once the study is completed, you go back through the study using the lesson that includes answers.  Go through the lesson with answers not as a routine exercise, but ask the Holy Spirit to impress upon you what you should apply to your life.  Make your applications specific and accountable instead of merely desires with no accountability to implement.
If you are doing the lesson with another person, you should complete the lesson without looking at the answers.  Allow God to speak to you in the lesson.  God can always impress upon you new truth or conviction where you fall short - no matter how familiar you are with a topic.

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