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"Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictions" is a ten lesson study that will help position your life to find freedom from addictions. This study is predicated on the truth that God is sufficient to free you from any addiction that holds you in bondage. Any person who has any addiction will benefit from this study. These addictions include alcohol, drugs, anger, eating disorder, gambling, sexual, etc. The beginning of freedom begins by solidifying who you are in Christ. "Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictions" will not only help you achieve freedom, but also understand the temptations that will confront your new freedom.

The study ends by equipping you to sustain your freedom regardless of life's challenges or successes. The key to sustaining success is not only continuing to live the many truths you will learn in this study, but also by pursuing Christ to allow Him to be all He wants you to be. You will learn how to experience ongoing freedom by allowing Christ to be the engine of your life. A special feature is built into this study to help you make Christ the center of your life by each lesson including a Scripture and teaching to helping you grow in intimacy with Christ.

"DRUGS, ALCOHOL, AND ADDICTIONS" contains the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1 - Should I Go Clean?
       Lesson 1 forms the critical foundation of breaking free from addictions.  "Should I Go Clean" asks the fundamental question of who you are in Christ while helping you solidify your position in Christ.

  • Lesson 2 - The Predicament
       Lesson 2 provides critical awareness for breaking free.  Your awareness of the spiritual, environmental, and personal temptations and conditions that constantly work for your destruction will help position you not only as fertile ground for freedom, but also the protection to remain there.

  • Lesson 3 - There is Hope
       Lesson 3 helps you see your utter hopelessness, so that you can fully embrace God's love as the path to freedom.  You will find your hope and victory in your new beginning in Christ and who you are in Christ.

  • Lesson 4 - Embracing Freedom
        Lesson 4 will help you turn your hope into freedom.  Your embrace of freedom begins by fully embracing God with every detail of your life while believing and trusting Him for freedom.  Shedding the weights that have enslaved you, while fully embracing Jesus, allows Jesus to make reality your freedom and His victory in you.

  • Lesson 5 - Freedom at Last
       Lesson 5 helps you understand and embrace who you are in Christ and how you are equipped to  break the bonds of addiction.  Knowing your identity in Christ as well as the benefits of your identity will release you to experience your new found freedom.

  • Lesson 6 - There is a Lion Prowling for Your Destruction
       Lesson 6 deals with the forces of evil, the world, and your flesh that are working for your destruction.  Satan wants you to be enslaved to alcohol and drugs, while Christ wants you to be consumed by His love and grace.  You will learn how to be free to live in victory from addictions and from those things that enslaved you in the past.

  • Lesson 7 - Battling the Lion
       Freedom is wonderful but not without challenge.  Once you are free from your addictions, you will continue to encounter temptations, persecutions, and hardships.  Any of these can become a struggle that can trigger a temptation from your old addiction. “Battling the Lion” will help you be an over-comer instead of one who succumbs. 

  • Lesson 8 - Sustaining Freedom
       Lesson 8 will help you sustain your freedom by teaching you how to allow the Holy Spirit to  continue His transforming work in you.  This lesson will help you embrace and live in the reality of your new creation so that God can fully express His life through you.

  • Lesson 9 - Becoming Like Christ
       Lesson 9 continues the process of helping you sustain freedom by showing you how making Jesus your consuming quest in life is fundamental for your freedom.  More of Christ in you means you will experience more of the fruit of the Spirit resulting in a life that no longer craves stimulants to create life or to medicate life.  You can now live the way God created you.

  • Lesson 10 - Free for Life
       Lesson 10 continues to build on your freedom going forward by teaching you to walk by faith while trusting Jesus for every detail of your life.  This lesson will practically equip you to have victory over the addictions that have controlled your life in the past.

Answers to Lessons

Each lesson is provided in a dual format.  The first lesson includes the Scriptures and questions, while the second provides Scriptures, questions, and answers.  It is recommended that, once the study is completed, you go back through the study using the lesson that includes answers.  Go through the lesson with answers not as a routine exercise, but ask the Holy Spirit to impress upon you what you should apply to your life.  Make your applications specific and accountable instead of merely desires with no accountability to implement.
If you are doing the lesson with another person, you should complete the lesson without looking at the answers.  Allow God to speak to you in the lesson.  God can always impress upon you new truth or conviction where you fall short - no matter how familiar you are with a topic.

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