Ministry Package for CHURCHES

Ministry Package provides 22 Bible Studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons along with over 500 devotions for all members at one low price.

Ministry Package for SMALL GROUPS

Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons and over 500 devotions for all members at one price. 


Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons at one price.

Bible Studies Available Through Growing in Christ 

Growing in Christ offers 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons.  Each Bible study is provided in a dual format:  First with Scripture and Question and second with Scripture, Question, and Answer.  This format will help you not only benefit more from the study, but also help you in applying what God is teaching you.  Before purchasing an individual study, consider purchasing a Ministry Package that provides all 112 Bible lessons as well as access to over 500 devotions for one low price.  Ministry packages allow unlimited duplication for your ministry group.  Check out the ministry package that matches your ministry group.


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"Deeper with God" will help you develop an intimate relationship with Christ on a daily basis.  Your growth in Christ will be in direct proportion to your intimacy with Christ.  Everything you do and desire as a Christian will flow out of your life in Christ.  "Deeper with God" will help you experience God on a deeper level, so that He can take you to a new level of discipleship.


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"Discipleship" is designed to not only help you grow in your faith, but also experience more of Christ while allowing Christ to express more of His life through you in ministry and service.  


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"Discipleship - One-on-One" will help any follower of Christ in having an effective one-on-one discipling relationship,  This study will spiritually challenge your participation in one-on-one discipleship, help you grow in Christ, and equip you on how to do one-on-one discipleship.  


"Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictions" will help place you at the center of God's transforming power to break the addictions in you. The power of addictions is rooted in your concept of God. This study will help identify corrupted beliefs so that you can replace them with God's truth and transforming power.


   Struggling with your children?  Finding purpose and joy in your family?  Does your picture of a good family match your family?  God not only has a plan for your family, but lives to help you have a Godly family that glorifies Him.


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Know God but uncertain of what it mean?  Knowing Christ is wonderful, but living life without purpose is fruitless and can be empty.  "God's Purpose for You" will help you not only know His purpose, but to experience more of Christ's life, power, and abundance. 


"Grief" will help you find peace during times of grief, while experiencing more of God's presence and work during difficult times.  


Suffering, troubles, hard times, trials, and struggles can all sap the life out of a follower of Christ. The real test of hard times is not the challenge itself, but whether the hard time will consume your God, or will God consume the hard time? This study will not only help your journey through hard times, but will also help you experience God’s presence and work during them.


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   Knowing your identity in Christ is the first step to equipping you to living in the power of your identity in Christ. Your identity in Christ holds the key to releasing more of Christ in you.


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   Don't live another day without knowing God's will for your life.  God did not save you to live aimlessly, but to live in satisfaction while being used for God's greater glory! 


   God created marriage to be the greatest fulcrum of happiness as well as the greatest launching pad for experiencing God's work in your life.  The study “Marriage" will help you to not only grow in greater intimacy and love, but to also help release God's active work for greater satisfaction in your marriage for God's glory.


"Purity" will help all believers understand purity, its importance, and how to live in purity.  This study will focus on God's role in being pure.  Living in purity will open your life up to a greater work by God.  


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Satisfaction – “Through the Eye of the Needle” will prove to be a powerful study that will enliven your life in Christ to one of satisfaction, purpose, and power. God does not want you to live as a slave, but as His child with all its benefits.

TRANSFORMATION - Part 1 - Intimacy and Immersion

“Transformation” is a 3 part study that covers the 4 I's to the transformed life.  Part 1 covers the first two I's - Intimacy and Immersion.  "Transformation Part 1" will help you develop greater intimacy in Christ, which leads to immersion - Lordship.  These two pillars form the basis of successful Christian living.

TRANSFORMATION - Part 2 - Integrity

This is a 13 lesson study on the third "I" - Integrity.  Integrity covers character traits of a follower of Christ who lives out his/her life in Christ.  The result of Integrity will be becoming more Christ-like.

TRANSFORMATION - Part 3 - Involvement

This is a 4 lesson study on the fourth "I" - "Involvement."  "Involvement" covers how a follower of Christ expresses his/her life in Christ through ministry, service, and evangelism.   "Involvement" is critical for Christ's work in you.  Christ did not call you to be a "lounge chair Christian," but one who follows His leading for sharing Christ, ministry, and serving. 


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"Work" contains four lessons that will help you find greater satisfaction and purpose in your work.  


"Your Life in Christ" contains nine lessons that will help a new believer or a believer who has never learned how to walk with Christ.  This excellent establishing study will not only help you experience more of Christ in your life, but also how to grow in intimacy with Him.


“24 Building Blocks” is a unique study that focuses on helping every follower of Christ grow to beyond just knowing Christ as their Lord and Savior to experiencing an intimate relationship with Him.  The study consists of 24 study topics that takes a participant through the four stages of spiritual growth.  It is a very effective teaching format for groups with inconsistent attendance.