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Group Membership Size Under 35

To purchase a Ministry Package for Small Groups, your group must have a membership that is less than 50 or an average weekly attendance of less than 35.  Your purchase will provide you with all Growing in Christ support materials for implementation, distribution rights for your small group (outlined in the confidentiality agreement), and one access key for one individual to access your acccount on the Growing in Christ website.  All Bible studies are provided in a dual format:  One provides Scriptures and questions while the other provides Scriptures, questions, and answers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

   We pray that you are completely satisfied with your Growing in Christ products.  If not, we will work our hardest to satisfy you or refund your money.  Our only stipulation is that you ask for your refund within 30 days of purchasing Growing in Christ.  Thank you again for your purchase!  

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Billing Information

Billing Information

For the Purchase of the Small Group Package 

Review, Accept Terms & Signup

All Growing in Christ materials are copyrighted.  We offer distribution rights according to our Confidentiality Agreement.  Your distribution rights are allowed for the ministry of your Small Group/Church.  The following points outline our confidentiality agreement.  Please read the total agreement for your distribution rights.
  • You cannot distribute a complete copy of Growing in Christ to anyone outside your Small Group/Church.  
  • Your Small Group/Church is allowed one user for the management and distribution of Growing in Christ materials.  The user is allowed one complete copy of Growing in Christ materials.  The user will have an access key for accessing your account on the Growing in Christ website.
  • You cannot distribute a complete study to anyone outside your Small Group/Church.  You are allowed to distribute individual lessons in a discipling or ministry situation.
  • You can distribute a complete study for group teaching (Sunday School or small group) inside your Small Group/Church.
  • You can distribute individual lessons to members inside your Small Group/Church.
  • You are restricted from posting Growing in Christ materials on any website.