Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons and over 500 devotions for all ministry participants at one price.

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Growing in Christ complemented our ministry while helping us meet our members needs.
Kent Johnson of Dallas
Growing in Christ expanded our ministry offering while reducing our ministry costs.
Jerry Wiles of Houston

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Ministry Package for Christian Ministries

Equipping and Discipling for Growth and Ministry    Growing in Christ is a comprehensive ministry platform that provides all Bible studies produced by Growing in Christ (112 studies) for Christian Ministries that focus on specific ministry areas of the Christian faith.  Growing in Christ can encourage your participants through the weekly devotion as well as help followers of Christ experience God’s abundance, power, and work in their lives.  Growing in Christ not only has Bible studies for spiritual enrichment, but also provides Bible studies to help your participants as they traverse life's challenges.  All studies have a strong emphasis on helping followers of Christ develop intimacy with ChristChristian Ministries can not only use these Bible studies in the lives of their participants, but your participants can also use them in the lives of those with whom they interact.

Purchase Ministry Package for Christian Ministries

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Main Features

Growing in Christ not only provides a library of Bible studies, but also a weekly devotion to encourage and challenge its readers in their relationships with Christ.  The devotion acts as a conduit for keeping in front of your participants the Bible studies that will be available through your ministry.  These Bible studies (currently 112) are designed to support followers of Christ in their spiritual growth as well as life issues.  Each Bible study is completed in a dual format (one provides Scriptures and questions while the other provides Scriptures, questions, and answers).  Using a dual format allows the participant to first do the Bible study seeking God's impression in his/her life.  After completing the Bible study, he/she can review his/her answers against those provided allowing him/her to focus on applying what God has impressed upon his/her life.  The dual study format also makes it easy for any follower of Christ to minister to and disciple others in witnessing, establishing their faith, helping others grow as well as navigating life issues using Biblical principlesThe devotion, as well as the Bible studies, are a part of the program.   

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