Christian Bible Studies

Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons at one price.


I liked both studies I got from Growing in Christ because they were based on the Bible and not man's thoughts.
Robert Lewis of Wichita
I have enjoyed the Growing in Christ devotion the last two years, but was impressed with the quality of the Bible study I ordered.  It was not too difficult, yet helped me grow closer to God.
Patrick Kenner of Enid


"Equipping followers of Christ for increased fruitfulness and ministry in their daily walk with Christ."

   The Individual/Discipleship Ministry Package  provides all Growing in Christ Bible lessons (Currently 112) for your personal discipleship, your ministry to others, or to support your one-on-one discipleship with others.  The Individual/Discipleship Ministry Package can affect the individual believer’s Christian walk and ministry by: (1) Providing a library of Bible studies that meet 85% of your spiritual needs.  (2) Each Bible study is prepared to help you experience greater growth and intimacy with Christ. (3) All Bible studies can be used in discipling others at no additional cost.

   Having access to our library of Bible studies will allow you to constantly engage others knowing that you can provide them life changing Bible studies that can easily be delivered by email.  The
Individual/Discipleship Ministry Package will better equip individual followers of Christ for increased fruitfulness and ministry.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

   We pray that you are completely satisfied with your Growing in Christ products.  If not, we will work our hardest to satisfy you or refund your money.  Our only stipulation is that you ask for your refund within 30 days of purchasing Growing in Christ.  Thank you again for your purchase!  

Any Questions Before You Sign Up?

How long will I continue to get devotions?  You will always receive the Growing in Christ devotion.  
How do I get your newly-released Bible studies?  You can get newly-released Bible studies in two ways: (1) You can purchase, at a discount, a one year subscription that will get you all newly-released Bible studies for one year or (2) You can purchase individual Bible studies to add to your resource library.
What if I disagree with an answer?  The format of these Bible studies is to give you a grouping of Scriptures around a topic with leading questions to each Scripture to help open yourself to God's teaching and truth in that area of topic.  The focus of the studies is not on teaching, but on helping you hear what God has to say so as to put yourself in a position to be transformed by the word of God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Many questions can differ in the way they are answered due to the very nature of the Scipture and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  The Biblical truth will not differ, but it is much like looking at the facets of a diamond - each facet of a diamond will reflect a different sparkle according to how light hits it.  We encourage you to be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 which says, "Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians because they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures to see if what Paul was saying was true."