Ministry Package for CHURCHES

Ministry Package provides 22 Bible Studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons along with over 500 devotions for all members at one low price.

Ministry Package for SMALL GROUPS

Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons and over 500 devotions for all members at one price. 


Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons at one price.


Growing in Christ is not just Bible studies and devotions, but a ministry platform for discipling and ministering in a multitude of ways.  The following are some ways for using Growing in Christ which you will apply differently depending on whether you are a church, a small group, an individual, or using for discipleship
Growing in Christ Provides:
  • A weekly devotion as a refreshment to encourage followers of Christ to greater intimacy with Christ.
  • A library of 93 Bible studies to meet the specific needs of an individual.
  • A library of Bible studies to use in ministering to others.
  • A ministry tool box for lifestyle evangelism and ministry by providing a library of Bible Studies for followers of Christ to use in the lives of others.  Free, easy to distribute, extensive, and in easy to use format will give confidence to be a bolder witness for Christ.
  • The opportunity for churches and small groups to develop a team of members centered on their individual gifts to follow-up and support people doing individual studies.  They can provide follow-up, encouragement, or actually do the studies with the individual.
  • A library of Bible studies to choose from for Sunday schools, small groups, community ministry, and other group teaching and ministry opportunities.
  • A library of Bible studies to help small group leaders and Sunday school teachers in responding to members' needs that might arise in their teaching experience.
  • A Bible study for following up with new or re-committed Christians.
  • A discipling platform by using the three primary spiritual encrichment studies ("Your Life in Christ," "Deeper with God," and "Discipleship") to train up members in discipling and ministering to others who are being established in their walk with Christ.
  • A unique Bible Study for irregular groups, "24 Building Blocks to Building Your Life on Christ," for community Bible studies, youth programs, and small groups.  This is a good format for providing a comprehensive study for discipling followers of Christ in a simple, low cost, and effective format for participants with inconsistent attendance.