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Is your download blocked?
As a security precaution, some browsers disable automatic downloads. In most of these cases, a "security bar" may appear at the top of the browser window informing you a download has been blocked. To continue the download, click the security bar and select the option to allow the download.
If you do not see the security bar and the download is still being blocked, adding "" (with no www) to your trusted site list often fixes the problem.
For Internet Explorer:
Go to > Tools > Internet options > Security tab > and select the "Trusted sites" section.
Now click the "Sites" button.
Type in "" with no "quotes" and no "www".
Uncheck the checkbox at the bottom that says, "require server verification..."
Click Close > click OK.
Click your browser's back button and click on the Download Now link again.
For Firefox:
Go to > Tools > Options > Security tab
Now click the "Exceptions" button.
Type in "" with no "quotes" and no "www".
Click Allow > click Close > click OK.
Click your browser's back button and click on the Download Now link again.

Saving your download
Always save your files!
Whenever you download a file, a dialog box should pop-up asking if you would like to RUN or SAVE the file. We recommend always selecting the SAVE option and then choosing your download location. At a later time, you can choose to delete any files you no longer have a need for. Saving your files will also ensure that you have a copy of the file for future reference and may help avoid a lot of unnecessary headaches and frustration.
If you decide to select the RUN option instead, your computer will automatically choose a hard-to-find location within it's temporary folders. When finished it will immediately begin to install the software or begin playing in the case of music and videos. If there are any problems when downloading, you will usually have to re-download the entire file again. This is also why we recommend always selecting the SAVE option.
Choosing a download location
The default save location for most computers is the "My Documents" folder. Unless it was intentionally or accidentally changed by the owner of the computer your files should still download there. If you cannot find the "My Documents" folder on your desktop, try going through the START menu and then clicking My Documents.
Changing download locations
If you do not know your default download location you can try this simple trick to determine where your computer is downloading your files to.
Start a new file download. It can be the same program you just downloaded or another one all together.
A dialog box should pop up asking if you would like to Run or Save the file > Choose Save.
The "Save Window" should now open. The folder name at the top middle of the "Save Window" is your current download location.

Technical assistance
If all else fails, you may need advanced technical help. In these cases, our customer help recommends submitting your question directly to our contact form: