Ministry Package for BUSINESSES

Ministry Package provides employees with 22 Bible studies containing 112 Bible lessons and over 500 devotions at one low price.


Growing in Christ was an easy way to offer my employees help while exposing them to Christ.
Steve Monger of Salt Lake City
Growing in Christ has not only offered my employees free Bible studies, but also given us Bible studies for group studies.
Harry Ferguson of Santa Fe

Ministry Package For Businesses

Allowing Christ to Touch and Minister to Your Employees

   Growing in Christ is a comprehensive ministry platform consisting of all Bible lessons (Currently 112) produced by Growing in Christ for businesses who believe Christ can impact their businesses through Him touching and working in the lives of their employees.  Growing in Christ can encourage all employees through the weekly devotion as well as helping followers of Christ experience God’s abundance, power, and work in their lives.  Growing in Christ not only has Bible studies for spiritual enrichment, but also provides Bible studies to help your employees as they traverse life's challenges.  All studies have a strong emphasis on helping followers of Christ develop a more intimacy with Christ while helping them to fully appropriate Christ’s work in their lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Growing in Christ provides devotions and Bible studies through e-mails in a fast and efficient manner with no cost.  Purchasers can not only use these Bible studies in the lives of their employees, but your employees can also use them in the lives of those with whom they interact.  

Purchase Ministry Package for Businesses

Main Features

Growing in Christ provides a weekly devotion to encourage and challenge its readers in their relationship with Christ.  The devotion acts as a conduit for keeping in front of your employees a library of 112 Bible lessons that will be available through your company.  These Bible studies are designed to support followers of Christ in their spiritual growth as well as life issues where they might be struggling or just desire further growth.  Each Bible study is provided in a dual format (one provides Scriptures and questions while the other provides Scriptures, questions, and answers).  Using a dual format allows the participant to first do the Bible study seeking God's impression in his/her life.  After completing the study he can review his answers against those provided, allowing him to focus on applying what God has impressed upon him. The dual study format also makes it easy for any follower of Christ to minister to and disciple others in witnessing, establishing their faith, helping others grow as well as navigating life issues using Biblical principlesThe devotion, as well as the Bible studies, are a part of the program.   

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Any Questions Before You Sign Up?

How long will it take to send out the devotion to my employees each week? Once your e-mail list is built, it should not take more than one minute.
How long will it take to send a Bible study to an employee who has requested one?  It takes less than one minute to fulfill a request.  This could take longer if you choose to respond with a little more personalization.  A standard personalization and instruction will be provided in Lesson One of each Bible study topic.
Won’t this conflict with our current programs and activities?  Growing in Christ will never conflict with any program that you have.  Think of Growing in Christ as a tool box of Bible study resources that is always available for your employees.  Your programs and activities will fulfill their purpose while Growing in Christ operates in the background ready to support your employees when needs arise.  Growing in Christ is always available in your employees’ tool box for their specific life needs, at the time they need it, in a time-efficient manner, at no cost, and in a format that is understandable yet not too lengthy and detailed to steer them away.
How will I be more attuned to my employees' needs?  You will have a better understanding of your employees by virtue of the Bible studies they are requesting.  People generally seek help later and not earlier when they have personal problems and difficulties.  People will seek help earlier when it is easy, less revealing, and time and cost effective.

How can I continue to get new Bible studies after one year?  You will receive all new Bible studies that are developed for one year after your purchase date.  At the end of one year, you will have an option to subscribe to all newly developed Bible studies for an additional year.    
How can I continue to get devotions after one year?  Whether you subscribe to new Bible studies or not, you will always receive the Growing in Christ devotion.

What if I disagree with an answer?  The format of these Bible studies is to give you a grouping of Scriptures around a topic with leading questions to each Scripture to help open yourself to God's teaching and truth in that area.  The focus of the studies is not on teaching but on helping you hear what God has to say so as to put yourself in a position to be transformed by the word of God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Many questions can differ in the way they are answered due to the very nature of the Scripture and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  The Biblical truth will not differ, but it is much like looking at the facets of a diamond - each facet of a diamond will reflect a different sparkle according to how light hits it.  We encourage you to be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 which says, "Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians because they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures to see if what Paul was saying was true."