Ministry Package for CHURCHES

Ministry Package provides 22 Bible Studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons along with over 500 devotions for all members at one low price.

Ministry Package for SMALL GROUPS

Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons and over 500 devotions for all members at one price. 


Ministry package contains 22 Bible studies consisting of 112 Bible lessons at one price.


Ministering and equipping others to know, experience and share Christ.

   Charles Davis has worked in the business field for 38 years while serving the Lord in ministry and service at and away from work.  During his business career, he has worked in sales, sales management, led a company as president for 18 years, and consulted companies in 36 states and two foreign countries.  

   He became a Christian in 1970.  While going through school and working in business, he held church positions for youth, led numerous Bible studies, taught Sunday schools, taught numerous new believer studies, and led multiple small church groups.  He has received training in conferences held by Campus Crusade, Navigators, Truth Project, CBMC, Episcopal Divinity School, Ethical and Religious Studies Degree from University of Oklahoma, and many other specialized conferences.  Passionately walking with Christ on a daily basis in a consistent fashion has given him a zeal for sharing and teaching the Word of God.  

   In 1995, Charles began an active program of discipling men “one-on-one.”  He found a need for accessible, inexpensive, easily deliverable, topical Bible Studies to support Christians in their daily walk with Christ. While continuing to disciple men in a “one-on-one” discipling process, he began the development of topical studies to support the discipling and personal growth processes of Christians desiring to walk more intimately with Christ.  The process of discipling while developing a resource of topical Bible studies to support Christians in all stages of their development proved to be very effective in aiding others in their walk with Christ.  In 2005, the Growing in Christ Devotion was developed to support and encourage new believers in their new relationships in Christ.  About a year later the topical Bible studies were indexed as a part of the weekly devotion and offered on request to those with needs.  As the list of people receiving Growing in Christ grew, so did the topical Bible study resource materials listed on the devotion and the number of people using the topical Bible studies. 

   In November 2008, Charles began an accelerated resource development schedule along with a program to offer churches and other organizations these materials to meet a vacuum in Christian ministry.  Growing in Christ was developed to provide a powerful Biblical ministry platform for churches that can be easily distributed at a reasonable cost.