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"Library of Bible studies that ministers to and equips followers of Christ.”

   Growing in Christ is a unique provider of Bible studies.  Each study is designed to draw you into the Word of God to help you experience not only greater intimacy with Christ, but also God's transformative work in you.  Studies can be purchased individually or by ministry package.  Seven different ministry packages are attractively priced for individuals up to large churches.  For one price you can utilize all 93 Bible lessons for your ministry group.  Each package gives you access to over 300 devotions.  Ministry packages provide an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth, teaching programs, and ministry to others at one low price.  Studies are provided in a PDF format which makes them deliverable to users through email.  Purchasers can use these Bible studies for their personal growth as well as in the lives of those with whom they interact.

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   The "Ministry Package for Churches" provides your church with a unique ministry platform that not only ministers to your members personally, but also equips them to minister to others with whom they come into contact.  Your church members will have the opportunity to get free Bible studies from the over 93 available studies.  The approach of these studies is very effective because it places the users into the Word of God so they can not only have greater intimacy with Christ, but also experience God's transformative work.  The members of your church will benefit whether they use these studies to enrich their personal relationships with Christ or use them to share Christ and His message with others.

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  The "Ministry Package for Small Groups" provides your small group a Library of Bible studies to use within your group as well as minister to the needs of group members.  You can select the Bible study of your choice from the resource listing of over 93 Bible studies.  In addition to using the Bible studies for your small group study and individual needs, you can also use them to minister to people outside your group. 

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   The "Ministry Package for Individuals/Discipleship" is a comprehensive library of Bible studies consisting of over 93 studies that provide extensive Bible study resources for your own personal discipleship, your ministry to others, or supporting your one-on-one discipleship with others.  The Ministry Package for Individuals/Discipleship will better equip individual followers of Christ for increased fruitfulness and ministry.  You can engage others for Christ with confidence knowing you have a library of Bible studies to meet their needs!


  This will include an assortment of discipleship formats and lessons for doing one-on-one discipling.  The format will be extensive as well as flexible to meet individual needs. The goal of one-on-one discipleship will be to equip followers of Christ to enter into discipling relationships to help others not only experience the abundant Christian life, but also to equip those they are discipling to be able to disciple others.  The Ministry Package for One-on-One Discipleship was developed with the purpose of achieving the four generations of discipling as mentioned in 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”  It will also be designed to tailor the job after the person and not the person after the job.
   You can design your own one-on-one discipleship program by purchasing the Ministry Package for Individals/Discipleship which gives you all the studies or by purchasing only those studies you desire.  You can click "Individual Account Sign Up" to buy the package or select individual Bible studies from the side bar.

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   Growing in Christ contains over 93 Bible lessons in 17 topical areas.  Each Bible study is designed to draw you into the Word of God so it is not an exercise in knowledge, but a transformational experience.  You may purchase any of the 17 topical Bible studies individually or in a ministry package that gives you all 93 lessons.  The available studies are:

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   The goal of Growing in Christ is to provide the most extensive list of Bible studies in a user friendly format that exposes followers of Christ to God's truth so that they are transformed by it.  Our library of Bible studies currently meets 85% of spiritual needs that Christians have.  We will continue to expand by 15 to 20 Bible studies each year, so you are equipped with effective Bible studies to not only grow spiritually, but also to effectively minister and engage others.