Testimonials of People Using Growing In Christ

Growing in Christ provides quality Bible studies for individually or ministry packages for groups and organizations that contain all 19 Bible studies broken down in 118 lessons.  Growing in Christ materials equip every believer and organization with effective low cost Bible studies to minister to groups, individuals, as well as equipping believers to disciple and minister one-on-one.  Hear some of the testimonies from people who have used Growing in Christ Bible Studies.

Testimonies of Users Sharing Growing in Christ

  • I have started sending your study to a dear friend of mine.  I believe it will be an encouragement to his faith as well as impactful on his walk in Christ. 

    Paul Horwitz

  • Wow....thank you for all you do.  It is clear you have a gift of inspiration.  You may not always hear back, but so many people you don't even know are getting your emails and are being impacted for His glory. Thank you for your unique perspective and insight. 

    Janette Wynn

  • I loved sending the "Marriage" study to my friend who is interested in making his marriage better, and has a desire to do a Bible study with me.

    Sidney Crowley

  • Thank you so much for sending me these studies.  My fiancee and I are actually going to be working full time for a college ministry called Student Mobilization. Thank you for sending me these materials, they will be helpful in our future marriage, as well as a good resource to use in impacting students for Christ on campus.  What a great resource to have over 100 Bible studies that portable by email.

    James Brown

  • I received some of your devotionals from a friend of mine.  I sent the "Grief" study to a patient that just lost her baby.  She doesn't know Jesus...YET, and she's in big need of encouragement and love. I loved sharing with her this "Grief" study.

    Zeb Roberts

  • Wow....thank you for all you do.  It is clear you have a gift of inspiration.  You may not always hear back, but so many people you don't even know are getting your emails and are being impacted for His glory. Thank you for your unique perspective and insight. 

    Kenny Thompson

  • Thank you again for the devotions and lessons.  It is truly comforting to hear from others that they're lifting us up to His throne.  Will you email me the next study on "Grief. 

    Ken Turner

  • I loved the lessons on Marriage.  They blessed and helped our marriage. Thank you!

    Tim Shaver

  • We are just so excited to learn more!  With our work schedules, an 18 month old and my husbands deployment schedule these studies are truly a blessing!  The fact that he and I can be involved in the same study regardless of how we are separated from each other.

    Lisa Cooper

  • Your suggestion of "Your Life in Christ" was definitely the best place to start in growing our faith.  I would love your suggestion on the best one after this.

    Sally Sherrel

  • Thanks you for your discipline and love for others. I really needed to hear God in this direction this morning!  I would like to access the resource of information you listed below the message.

    Kyle Weatherly

  • Your ministry package is a blessing.  I have been able to use it at work, in my small group, as well as me personally. I have just had it four weeks and it has helped me minister to six people.  Awesome studies, but incredible tool for ministering.

    Matthew Mitchell

  • I appreciate your encouragement and help.  Many thanks for the ongoing Growing in Christ devotion emails. There has been many a day that your devotion perfectly addressed what was going on in my life.

    Becky Richardson

  • Thanks for sending your devotions.  They have been great to meditate on throughout the week.  I really appreciated your study on the "Family.” Always looking for new input to keep myself focused. Thank you again!

    Rob Horner

  • I loved the "Discipleship" study!  Just wanted to say thank you for including me on your devotionss.  They've been very encouraging to me when I've really needed it.

    Shelly Porter

  • Thank you for your Bible study on work.  It came when I needed it.  I lost my Job but I am trusting the heavenly Father will provide for us - he has never failed us through it all.  I have been so blessed by these emails!

    Jacob Went

  • The Bible Studies have been encouraging and inspiring.  The verses have been so perfect for my needs. Thank you again for sending me these messages.

    Emily Barnette

  • Thank you for your devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am reading this in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where I will be on business for the next 2 weeks. The Lord has long arms .This really hit home on Jesus getting with the father each morning. I think we all should be doing this.  I was awakened early so this wonderful email that will help set the tone for my day.  I would love to continue to receive it and appreciate you thinking of me.

    Ben Adams

  • Inspiring mind set and writing.  Thank you for sharing your art.  I have been struggling with issues and this is a GREAT ANSWER for me.  Thanks, again.

    Alice Schwab

  • I absolutely loved this devo!  It really hit on what I've been trying to put into practice recently.

    Ted Kerry

  • This was a beautiful study!  Just what I needed!  Thank you so much!

    Harry Winslow

  • Thank you for sending me all of these wonderful teachings!  More Great Stuff!!!!! Thank You!!!!

    Barry Hellar

  • Thanks so much!  This one especially spoke to me!  I love the way you put the underlined part into words.  Keep up the good work.

    Don Woodard

  • Thank you for sending the Growing in Christ Devotion. My brother and his wife have really benefited from "Dealing with Grief". They lost their 22 year old son and are struggling to carry on.

    Barry Fellars