Frequently Asked Questions

"Growing In Christ Frequently Asked Questions”

What if I want this to come from my church?  This program is meant to come from you and your church.  You can e-mail it on your e-mail letterhead.  We recommend that you personalize your e-mails with an encouragement from you.  The most effective use of Growing in Christ is when it is your program.
How long will it take to send out the devotion to my members each week?
Once your e-mail list is built, it should not take more than one minute.
How long will it take to send a Bible study to a member who has requested one?  It takes less than one minute to fulfill a request.  This could take longer if you choose to respond with a little more personalization.  A standard personalization and instruction will be provided in Lesson One of each Bible study topic.
What if I have a similar teaching to one of your resource studies?  This is your program!  Nothing restricts you from adding your current resources as long as they are on the computer and can be e-mailed.  Studies that you have will only complement this ministry platform.
Why would I need this if I already send out a devotion each day to my members?  The devotion is only the vehicle for making these Bible study resources available to your members.  You can attach the resource list to your devotions if you like.  You can also take a break and utilize the Growing in Christ devotion on one day per week.
Won’t this conflict with the new program we just implemented?  Growing in Christ will never conflict with any program that you have.  Think of Growing in Christ as a tool box of Bible study resources that is always available for your members.  Your programs provide the training, inspiration, motivation, and direction while Growing in Christ supplements the areas not being covered.  No matter how good your programs are, they will seldom coincide with a life need that a member has at a specific point in time.  Growing in Christ is always available in your members’ tool box for their specific life needs, at the time they need it, in a time-efficient manner, at no cost, and in a format that is understandable yet not too lengthy and detailed to steer them away.
How will this add to our current program which is comprehensive and meets the needs of our people?  Growing in Christ will complement and further enhance your current programs.  The quality of your programs only enhance the applications and opportunities for Growing in Christ.  Growing in Christ provides resources for your people that will not only impact their spiritual walk, but also supplement and support their personal ministries and opportunities to be salt and light in the world.  These resources will allow your members the ability to quickly, without cost, and in an easy-to-use format meet the needs of those to whom your members are ministering.  Growing in Christ will be the resource tool that gives them greater confidence and competence in being effective followers of Christ.
How will I be more attuned to my members' needs?  You will have a better understanding of your members by virtue of the Bible studies they are requesting.  People generally seek help later and not earlier when they have personal problems and difficulties.  People will seek help earlier when it is easy, less revealing, and time and cost effective.

How can I continue to get new Bible studies after one year?  You will receive all new Bible studies that are developed for one year after your purchase date.  At the end of one year, you will have an option to subscribe to all newly developed Bible studies for an additional year.    
How can I continue to get devotions after one year?  Whether you subscribe to new Bible studies or not, you will always receive the Growing in Christ devotion.

What if I disagree with an answer?  The format of these Bible studies is to give you a grouping of Scriptures around a topic with leading questions to each Scripture to help open yourself to God's teaching and truth in that area.  The focus of the studies is not on teaching but on helping you hear what God has to say so as to put yourself in a position to be transformed by the word of God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Many questions can differ in the way they are answered due to the very nature of the Scripture and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  The Biblical truth will not differ, but it is much like looking at the facets of a diamond - each facet of a diamond will reflect a different sparkle according to how light hits it.  We encourage you to be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 which says, "Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians because they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures to see if what Paul was saying was true."  In limited circumstances, we will allow you freedom to make adjustments that align to your teaching.  Once you purchase the package, you will have an account area on our website which gives you the ability to make these requests.

About the Author

What if I don't think I can lead a small group?  These Bible studies are designed to be very friendly to the user.  They will impact the lives of both young and mature believers.  We provide you with a dual Bible study format.  The first study gives you Scriptures and questions while the second study gives Scriptures, questions, and answers.  This format makes it easy for group members to participate as well as help you, as a leader, to facilitate the study.
What if my church is less than 50 people?  Churches that are less than 50 people can sign up for a small group package.  The small group package does not include the free one year subscription or added user keys.  For a small additional charge, you can sign up for the one year subscription which will automatically give you all newly developed Bible studies as well as historic devotions access.

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