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"Faith to Trust"

Date published: 12/14/2019

Psalm 56:3 “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”


   Have you considered how fear and trust are integrally related?  Fear almost always calls you to trust God.  Fear can act as God’s signal to trust Him when being challenged.  Fear that calls you to trust can have minor or major ramifications, but, none the less, you are faced with a decision to believe in God enough to trust Him.  Paradoxically we tend to more easily trust God for things that are out of our control, but seldom call on God to help with the mundane and small.  If we are to develop our faith muscle, we must learn to trust God in all circumstances.  Failing to step out in faith by trusting God on a regular basis can have a deteriorating effect on your walk with Christ.  Galatians 3:11 indirectly alludes to this: "The righteous will live by faith."  Let’s explore some of the truths involved in trusting God.


   Living a life by faith will happen most prevalently when you are constantly communing with God.  Continually living in the presence of God cultivates a relationship with Him that makes steps of faith easy.  Psalm 37:3 powerfully illustrates this: “Trust in the LORD and do good.  Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.”  Dwelling in the land represents a life that is continually developing a passionate relationship with Christ, resulting in greater faithfulness to God.  Jesus described it in this way in John 6:35: “Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life.  He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and he who believes in Me will never be thirsty.’”  This nature of relationship makes it easy to trust God and experience the abundance He has for you.  The better you know God, the easier it will be to trust Him!


   Human nature trains you to avoid at all cost hardships and suffering.  The reality is that hardship and suffering can be one of your greatest portals to building faith by trusting God.  2 Corinthians 13:4 teaches this through Jesus’ example: “For to be sure, He was crucified in weakness, yet He lives by God's power.  Likewise, we are weak in Him, yet by God's power we will live with Him to serve you.”  As Christ gave us the perfect example of suffering by His death and resurrection, every form of hardship becomes an opportunity for us to get involved in God’s work.  Your biggest obstacle is not the hardship before you, but do you trust God enough to see your challenges as steps toward deeper faith in Him?


  The final truth is in Galatians 5:14 which will challenge your decision-making process to trust God: “The entire law is summed up in a single command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’"  Many opportunities to trust God never happen because our decision-making process is first filtered through our needs, desires, comfort, and the cost to us.  Most people first require a positive response for “what’s in it for me” to move forward in trusting God.  In some way most decisions of faith and trust involve people.  The paradigm of loving our neighbor as we love ourselves removes one of the largest roadblocks to trusting God.  Moving our eyes from self to others opens our eyes to what God is doing in this world and what He wants us to do be doing in it!


   There are a hundred plus nuances to trusting God but using these three truths will strengthen and guide your faith in trusting God: 1) Continually pursue an intimate, passionate relationship with Christ. 2) Trust God not based on what the circumstances appear to be, but by what God may be doing in the situation. 3) Always make loving others a key component of trusting God.  Developing parameters for exercising your faith will greatly help when circumstances call out for you to trust God.  Take the time to mentally prepare yourself for these times that call on you to step out in faith.


Galatians 5:10 “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value.  The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”


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