"Discipleship" is an eight lesson series for followers of Christ who desire to not only grow more in Christ, but also to be used more by God.  "Discipleship" is designed to help a follower of Christ who is young or old in his/her walk with Christ in developing a relationship with Christ that exhibits greater maturity and fruitfulness.  “Discipleship” will help you move your relationship with Christ from one that is “me-centered” to one that hears and responds to God’s leading and direction in your life.  

"DISCIPLESHIP" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - The Heart of a Disciple

Lesson 1 will give you a clearer understanding of who a disciple is and the desires a disciple should have.  This lesson will give you greater insight into what motivates a disciple.

Lesson 2 - The Walk of a Disciple

Lesson 2 will help you to not only better understand the walk of a disciple of Jesus, but also what empowers the walk of a disciple.

Lesson 3 - The Goal of a Disciple

Lesson 3 will help you understand the goal of a disciple. Understanding your goal as a disciple will help you experience all that God has for you.

Lesson 4 - The Fruit of a Disciple

In Lesson 4 you will learn about the fruit a disciple and the process of developing that fruit. This lesson will help you position yourself to bring God greater glory. John 15:8 "By this is My Father glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples." (NASB)

Lesson 5 - Developing a Heart for People

Lesson 5 will teach and challenge you on the importance of having a heart for people. Having a heart for people positions you to not only attract others to Christ, but also be used to encourage other believers. Most importantly, a heart for people reflects a heart for God.

Lesson 6 - Loving Through the Great Commission

Lesson 6 will teach you to have a heart for the great commission . You will learn the importance of witnessing as well as how to become a better witness for Christ in word, life, and deed.

Lesson 7 - Preparing for the Great Commission Through Jesus' Eyes

Lesson 7 will teach you the importance of having a lifestyle that naturally shines light on the person of Christ. Living a life that points to Christ provides a natural witness that shares Christ to others.

Lesson 8 - Discipling Others to Experience Christ`s Fullness

In Lesson 8 you will learn the importance and benefit of discipling others. Your discipleship of others is pivotal in God's kingdom purpose of all coming to know Christ, those who know Christ becoming all that God desires of them, and helping you experience God's best.

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