"Deeper with God" is a three lesson series on developing intimacy with Christ.  Almost every problem a follower of Christ has is related to his/her intimacy with Christ.  Most believers pray to God during times of crisis, troubles, and trials instead of cultivating a full relationship like you would with any other important relationship.  This study will help you learn to have a full relationship with Christ so that you can experience more of Christ's presence, direction, peace, and power.  "Deeper with God" will cover the importance of having relationship with Christ, spiritual truths concerning your relationship with Christ, and spiritual disciplines to help a follower of Christ have relationship with Christ. 

"DEEPER WITH GOD" contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 - Developing an Intimacy with God

   Lesson 1 focuses on how the development of an intimate relationship with God opens up God’s abundance in your life.  Your intimacy with God is the beginning of God pouring out His life through you.  It is out of your intimacy with God that you will grow in your walk with Christ, successfully walk through life’s issues, and experience God’s purpose for your life. 

Lesson 2 - Purpose of Going Deeper with God

  Lesson 2 identifies those things that keep you from going deeper with God, so you can experience His best.  Lesson 2 deals with your priorities and spiritual desires, and the role they play in your knowing and experiencing more of God.  Lesson 2 will help position you for God’s best.

Lesson 3 - Going Deeper into the Word of God

Lesson 3 will help you exchange your life for the life God has for you, so you can experience what He has for you.  You will learn how complacency and compromise short circuits your relationship with Christ.  True change and transformation will only come through the quality of your relationship with your Heavenly Father.  Lesson 3 ends by
giving you practical tools and methods for developing your relationship with God.

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