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Through the Eye of the Needle

Once while I was ministering in a homeless shelter, a man shared he had never been married, had 52 children and thought he knew all their names. The tragedy of 52 children never having had a father to model life, teach, play with and raise them to be fully functioning adults is heartbreaking. The same disaster happens all too often in the Christian faith when someone comes to Christ. These newborn babies in the faith remain on life support, never learning or understanding how to live and grow in the Christian life. “Through the Eye of the Needle” meets readers where they are in their walk with Christ and shows them how they can experience the fullness of Christ, and transformation and fruitfulness that comes from that.

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Growing in Christ offers 19 Bible studies consisting of 118 Bible lessons. Each Bible study is written to draw you into the Word of God for God's transformation. Answers will instruct or complement your growth and experience with Christ. Before purchasing an individual study, consider purchasing a Ministry Package that provides all 118 Bible lessons at one low price. Growing in Christ Bible studies help Christians in 85% of the areas of Christian need and growth.


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Each week we publish a devotion to challenge your walk with Christ to a deeper level. Real growth and transformation occurs by developing a passionate, intimate relationship with Christ coupled with your step of faith, sharing Christ and applying His truth for greater levels of fruitfulness.

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Buy a complete set of Growing in Christ teachings for one low price. Each ministry package contains 19 Bible studies consisting of 118 individual lessons geared toward teaching, growing, engaging, following-up, leading and many more ministry opportunities. Available are five packages priced to you or the group you minister to. Each lesson is sharable by email and comes in a dual format (duplicated copy contains answers) that makes learning, discipling and ministering easy.


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