Ministry Package for CHURCHES

Provides over 112 Bible lessons along with over 500 devotions. Packages are a ministry toolbox for spiritual growth, discipleship, and equipping to reach the world for Christ.

Ministry Package for SMALL GROUPS

112 Bible studies for all members at one price. Bible studies will help group grow spiritually as well as navigate life issues such as work, grief, marriage, etc.


112 Bible studies to help grow closer to God to experience more of His abundance and fulfillment while being better equipped for ministry. 

Ministering and Equipping Through Growing in Christ

This diagram illustrates how purchasers of ministry packages can use Bible studies for ministry.  The diagram uses the pastor of a church, but the same flow applies for small groups, individuals, businesses, and Christian ministries by substituting the leader/administrator/individual for the pastor.  Growing in Christ is not just about Bible study materials - it is about the full life cycle of the body of Christ ministering to others.  This demonstrates how you can continually keep the Word of God in front of others while making tools available to them for equipping and ministering.